Vileda V-Mat


Stylish, efficient, functional and versatile – that’s the V-Mat in a nutshell. Vileda V-Mat is an understated, stylish mat and is suitable for all types of entrances where priority is placed on functionality and design.

The entrance mat can be installed on top of the floor or in a recessed entrance. Different strips are available for affixing and dividing the carpet.

Vileda V-Mat’s unique pattern effectively cleans effectively in several directions and its open structure effectively traps coarse dirt. Additionally, unlike many other mixed rubber mats, V-Mat also holds its shape lengthwise; so it is also suitable for larger areas.

There are no hidden holes in the V-Mato where dirt can accumulate. It is easy to roll up from any direction to allow for quick cleaning of the base. Its modular structure makes the V-Mat easy to install and also means that individual modules can be easily replaced if necessary, to allow for even wear; extending the service life even more.

The Vileda V-Mat is available for export in three, different configurations: Modules (boxed), pallets or complete, assembled mats. If you require a customized solution, please contact us to discuss the best way to achieve your desired result.