Modula Prima


Modula Prima is a versatile, load-resistant entrance way mat that solves many problems at once. It is suitable for all kinds of locations, from apartment building hallways to shopping malls. Modula Prima is able to withstand even the most demanding locations such as hyper and supermarkets, hospitals, schools, railway and airport stations, too. Modula Prima modules are easy to install and modify, making it the perfect solution for even the inexperienced installer.

Modula Prima’s triangular pattern effectively wipes dirt from shoe soles from all directions. Safe and effective, Modula Prima’s pattern effectively traps dirt and stones while allowing for the easy use of walking aides or wearing of high heels.

Modula Prima is heavier than other rubber composite mats and is therefore more sturdy and durable. The mat is still easy to work with and shape, using a carpet knife.

Thanks to the wide and short modular structure, Modula Prima is very easy to roll up for cleaning. The material of the carpet is naturally fireproof and 100% recyclable.

Modula Prima is available for export in three, different configurations: Modules (boxed), pallets or complete, assembled mats. If you require a customized solution, please contact us to discuss the best way to achieve your desired result.