Modula Prima TexTile


Modula Prima TexTile elegantly combines the efficiency of a traditional grated mat with the moisture removal ability of a textile mat. The grated mat removes larger debris from the soles of shoes, while the textile mat removes fine dirt and moisture. Maintenance and cleaning the carpet is easy, usually only requiring occasional vacuuming. For cleaning, the carpet easily rolls up.

The Modula Prima TexTile comes in the same module sizes as the Modula Prima product line, allowing you the versatility to freely combine both of these excellent products into the same installation. Create versatile patterns and delimit passage areas to allow the entrance mat to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is also easy to create angled and curved shapes by cutting and modifying the indidivual modules.

The Modula Prima TexTile entrance way mat is safe to use with walking aids and doesn’t catch high-heeled shoes, either. Modula Prima TexTile is available for export in three, different configurations: Modules (boxed), pallets or complete, assembled mats. If you require a customized solution, please contact us to discuss the best way to achieve your desired result.