Modula Original


The beautifully wave-patterned Modula Original entrance way mat is an open structure and easy-to-roll mat that is great for public spaces and apartment buildings. Produced in Finland, this mat is made entirely from a recyclable rubber mixture.

Modula Original is an ideal solution for public spaces such as educational institutions, department stores, office buildings and other public spaces such as shops, daycares and apartment buildings. Modula Original is produced in two thicknesses, 12 and 20 mm, and is available in a variety of colors; making it possible to establish an inviting and cohesive look in virtually any entrance way.

Modula Original comes in modules that are easily assembled using their integrated connection points that are both inconspicuous and durable. A square meter for Modula Original consists of 50 identical modules. Should you need to make additional modifications, Modula Original can be easily cut on-site with a carpet knife.

The grooved surface of Modula Original effectively rubs the dirt from the soles of the shoes in all directions. Dirt falls through the mat to the floor surface, where it can be periodically removed. Modula Original is really easy to roll up for cleaning and doesn’t require any additional maintenance, other than being washed seasonally, using a pressure washer.