Modula Easy


The wave-patterned Modula Easy entrance way mat is a further development version of the Modula Original mat, consisting of modules that can be quickly connected to each other. The open-structure, easy-to-roll mat is suitable for the entrances of commercial and apartment buildings. Like other Modula mats, Easy is also made from a durable and recyclable rubber mixture.

Modula Easy is produced in two thicknesses: 16mm and 20mm, allowing you to select the best solution for your existing recessed area. Surface installation without a recess is also possible using our beveled, aluminum ramp transitions. Modula Easy is available for export in three, different configurations: Modules (boxed), pallets or complete, assembled mats. If you require a customized solution, please contact us to discuss the best way to achieve your desired result.

The Easy entrance way mat modules are seamlessly attached to each other with an inconspicuous pin connection. Holes, angles and curves are easy to achieve, using a carpet knife to modify the standard structure. Maintaining Module Easy is easy, of course, and just requires periodically rolling the carpet out of place, and allowing you to clean the sand and loose particles that have accumulated inside it. The gray color ensures that the carpet always looks neat, too.