The Heta grate mat is a wet area mat designed and manufactured by RovaMatto in Rovaniemi, Finland. This versatile mat has a plethora of applications for essentially all of the most demanding wet spaces, including bathrooms, swimming pools, dressing rooms and saunas. The slatted mat reduces the risk of slipping both in the shower, at the edge of the pool and in the dressing room.

Made of PVC, the Heta wet area mat is a durable, easy-care and hygienic solution. Heta is sturdier than other shower mats and its structure guarantees a long service life, even with heavy use.

Heta’s robust structure makes it the ideal solution to many areas beyond showers, swimming halls and dressing rooms. This grid mat, although designed for wet areas, is also perfectly suited as a protective mat for a terrace or balcony, a workstation to relieve the stress of standing work, or even as a boat mat.

Thanks to its structure, the Heta wet area grid mat is easy to keep clean. The mat can be rolled up, making cleaning of the underside of the mat and the floor quick and simple. The sturdy, textured slats are comfortable on bare feet and the mat stays in place, even when wet, thanks to the soft, PVC stripping on the underside.

Heta comes in two different widths and in eleven, stylish colors. Heta is also easy to modify to fit smaller areas, as it can be easily cut into smaller lengths.

Heta Rovamatto