The classic Apollo entrance way mat is a high-performance product for demanding conditions. Apollo has proven itself to be a durable, long-lasting mat and a great solution for shopping centers, schools and other public spaces.

The EPDM rubber used in the Apollo entrance way mat is particularly well suited for the most extreme weather conditions, as it neither hardens in the cold nor softens in the heat. This makes Apollo the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor applications. The mat is also safe to use on sloping surfaces, with the rubber’s wavy pattern improving and ensuring a firm grip.

This aluminum framed mat’s construction consists of rubber, aluminum and stainless steel wire. It is possible to further customize Apollo so as to suit a variety of spaces, as it is available in different strengths and colors, as well as in an extra strong version. For particularly demanding locations, we recommend the reinforced version. This version has a rubber reinforcement piece between each rubber/aluminum  section, preventing the aluminum from warping under heavy traffic.

The Apollo entrance mat is manufactured specifically to fit the space provided. Both sides of the mat can be used, and during cleaning, the carpet rolls up easily. Larger areas can also easily be protected, but using T-profiles between sections.

This open-plan mat collects and conceals stones and other particles and cleaning of the mat is fast and easy. Apollo is a weatherproof entrance mat that is great for indoor or outdoor applications. Extremely effective at trapping dirt and grim, this entrance mat is easy to maintain and store, allowing for quick installation and safe use with walking aides.